Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ma'am for President!

7:15 am Halloween morning, Ma'am asks me, "Mommy, who are we going trick or treating with? Meagan? Ethan and Lexi? Who?" She didn't seem too excited when I told her that it would just be her and Sir. But she accepted it. Fast forward to 7:00pm. Ma'am (aka Ariel) and Sir (aka Sir wearing glow in the dark skeleton pj's) are walking out the door ready to commence with the night's festivities. And who do we find standing in our driveway? Two of her very best friends from Pre-K. Totally unexpected. I didn't even know they lived in the neighborhood (despite being on the board for the HOA, I am a horrible neighbor! I speak to no one! Unless of course if I am spoken to first. I have a weird social anxiety and don't like to be too nice to people b/c they might like me and want to me by friend. And then I have to pretend like I care. And then if I don't care, they live right next to me! There is no escaping! But I digress...). Before I can introduce myself to the parents, Ma'am is off on a tear with her two very best friends. Mister and I oddly join the roving band of trick or treaters uninvited. Then the small talk begins. One of the mothers starts telling me about how her daughter takes everything my daughter says as gospel. And that her daughter cries that she needs more dresses because Ma'am wears dresses every day (she hates pants, unless they are rhinestoned in some fashion). And on and on and on. And then she looks at me with a nice (but tight.... ok, that could be me making a very lovely woman into a snarky mom) smile and says, "Ma'am is very popular you know".

I had always thought Ma'am had something special in her. That she glows an ethereal light. That she can turn a frown upside down. That her giggle makes an entire room smile. And now, this mother that I have never met (and may never see again although we live 2 blocks from each other and our children attend the same Pre-K. Scroll up to re-read the bit about my social anxiety. I know, I know. Freak!) had confirmed it. So take a minute, look at all of the pics that I haven't but should have been posting over the last couple of weeks and think (seriously think) about Ma'am for President. Yeah, she doesn't meet the age criteria and doesn't always wipe till its white (eww) but dog gone it... people like her! Which is more than can be said for most candidates these days!


Ma'am modeling at the nursery

Ma'am and her two very best friends

Carving pumpkins

Sir in the flower cart at the nursery

So when you go to the polls on Tuesday, go ahead and pencil her in. Ma'am will ROCK the Whitehouse!


Jeris said...

Let's get Ma'am into Harvard first... Presidency to follow.

xoxo - Mister

Scarlet O'Kara said...

How cute is that! In around 35 years, I will vote for her too...

My older daughter told me that initially she was voting for Leprechaun (her imaginary friend), then she said that she was voting for "Bama", but now she is for "McCame" and that pretty Lady that she likes.