Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where have I been?

Have you ever found yourself asking that question? I received a voicemail the other day from someone who referenced that it had been a month since I had last spoke to them. I was shocked when I heard that. The caller must be wrong! I mean, it was just the other day, right? There are tasks that I need to complete and get back to the caller on. Tasks that are on my plan every day. Well sure, I have let the time get away from me but I since I still think about completing those tasks, I must still be in some sort of acceptable time frame to complete them. Right? And then I look at my blog and notice that I haven't posted in MONTHS! So with this realization that I have obviously been kidnapped by aliens who took me to their home in a time warp; I find myself asking the question, "Where have I been?".

Since my last post I've...
-Been to Cabo San Lucas. (Pre swine flu, yet during the drug wars. Still, a wonderful trip.)
-Survived MASSIVE changes at the office.
-Been to Disney countless times. God love the Annual Pass!
-Realized that my mother is mentally ill and is no longer capable of taking care of herself.
-Affirmed my never ending love for Mister who has spent hundreds of agonizing hours trying to get my unemployed, uninsured mother the help that she needs.
-Potty trained Sir. (Ma'am potty trained herself at 18 months. By 2 she had a pretty high success rate. I deemed myself "The Most Amazing Mother in the World" and KNEW I would have the same success with Sir. While I still think I'm a pretty amazing mother, I now realize that I am not "The Most" and that Ma'am is the AMAZING one! Sir took awhile to grab hold of the concept but he's now an expert. At two and a half, I am done buying diapers for him!)
-Gained 30 lbs. Yes, 30. Gulp.
-Started working out.
-Read probably 100 books. (I've always been a bookworm. Southern Chick Lit and mysteries are my favs.)
-Had my car detailed. (Yes that is a big enough deal to make this list. Poor Buffy looked like an unloved street urchin.)
-Started coloring my own hair. Every 4 weeks. To hide the grey.
-Started having my under arms waxed. I'm on the 3rd go round and think I like it!
-Completed my Provisional Project and Provisional year in the Junior League. (Yes, I was the oldest living Provisional alive.)
-Watched Ma'am graduate from Pre-K.

So there you have it. I have spent the last few months, living my life. There have been some ups (Cabo, potty training, graduation), some downs (my mom, my work, my mom) and some downtime (Disney, books, gaining 30lbs). It's not glamourous and carefree, filled with excitement or luxery; but one thing that it is full of is love. And at the end of the day, I may not blog or return calls but I love every day and know that I am loved. And that's good enough for me.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Come Back Haiku

I'm on my way back
To life as I once knew it
Kill crazy love calm