Monday, January 26, 2009

Everyone's doing it... 25 Random Things About Me!

1. Red, blood red, is my favorite color.
2. I have an Australian Shepherd named Libby. (She's really my husband's dog ~ I tolerate her.)
3. I have 2 tattoo's; one on my wrist and one on my ankle. (I had a 3rd but that magically disappeared! Poof!)
4. I absolutely adore my husband.
5. I married Mister after only knowing him for 3 months. We're celebrating our 15 year anniversary this summer.
6. I have a Hello Kitty pinata sitting on my TV.
7. Coffee drink of choice... Triple Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte
8. Cocktail of choice... fruity martinis. One martini, two martini, 3 martini, floor!
9. I love country music.
10. I've swam with dolphins, sea lions and manta rays.
11. I will be at the big game on Sunday!
12. I LOVE dark chocolate! The darker the better.
13. I stare in the mirror pulling at my face thinking..."botox? no botox? botox?" 35 is right around the corner.
14. I work with an amazing group of people.
15. I'm not afraid of much but even seeing a picture of a rat puts me in a complete panic attack.
16. I love hurricane season.
17. Sleeping in to me means waking up at 8:00.
18. I miss my mean old grandma terribly. God rest her soul.
19. When I can't sleep, I design my dream house in my head.
20. I am a horrible singer but give me a mic and a karaoke machine and a star is born!
21. I used to be incredibly shy but no one who knows me now believes me.
22. I will NEVER live anywhere where palm trees do not grow naturally.
23. Not a huge fan of flying in planes but love helicopters.
24. I know that there will be a day that I will be rejoined with my precious sons, Noah and Nathan.
25. I am thankful every day for Ma'am and Sir.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Man Walks into a Bar...

That's how I would start my joke if I had one.

How about this?

A lady walks into the dr's office. Doc gives her a dosage of Prednisone. Says it will make her bloated. Two days later, the lady's daughter looks at her and says, "Mommy? Is there a baby in your belly?" The lady, breathing through her teeth trying desperately to not strangle what was once her pride and joy replies, "No. Trust me. There is no baby in my belly." To which the precocious child asks while lifting up the lady's shirt for a peek, "Are you sure? Because your belly is getting puffy." Lady's husband is standing in the kitchen holding his stomach he's laughing so hard that he's choking on his giggles.

And scene.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great Giveaway!

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Love, Love, Love Books!

Last week my husband and I went to the library. In 10 minutes, I had to stop myself from choosing books as I already had 6 in my hands to check out. In 10 minutes, my husband selected one book (which he read 1 page of and decided it was boring - amateur!). I glibly remarked that these books would be enough to get me through the holidays and I find myself picking up the last one to start reading today. Talk about timing!

With loving books so much, people often give me gift cards to bookstores, which I adore receiving. While giftcards are often considered an impersonal gift, when I receive one from Borders, Books A Million, or Barnes and Noble; I know that the the gift giver knows and loves me. My problem with said wonder gift is that I can never make a choice! (I'm also oddly concerned about my reading habits and the environment. In one year alone, I could wipe out a small rain forest.) So with my inability to make a purchasing commitment and with wanting to not drive some rare spider monkey from its home; I rely on the good old fashioned library.

As a child, I remember getting my first library card. I was in the second grade and had just learned to write my 16 lettered first and last name small enough in cursive to fit on the library card signature line. The librarian was the cousin of one of my aunts so I felt like a bit of a celebrity when she made a big deal of my request for my first card. The library was just up the small hill from our church and on Sunday's when my parents where saying all of their goodbyes, I would scramble up the hill in my Sunday best to press my nose against the library windows. On particularly sunny days, I could see the dust motes floating in a ray of sunshine falling on the stacks and I would want nothing more than to be in that building, lying on the floor in the sunbeam amidst the many shelves of books.

My love of the library has only grown over time. I frequent not only my local branch but also the multi-level downtown branch as well. And now, I am able to share my love of books and the library with Ma'am. She recently asked me when she could get her own card and my response was, "Soon baby, soon. But first we need to work on your cursive." Thankfully her first and last name only has 8 letters in it!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008: What a ride!

I am so thankful to celebrate the New Year! 2008 was eventful to say the least. It started out on a high with a trip to Paris and Monte Carlo in March and then hit a snag when Mister was laid off in May. But then things started to look up when he decided to open his own firm only to come crashing down with the rest of the economy only months later. Good fortune then spiked with the news that I got a great promotion and then the little fender bender love tap I received sucked that good fortune right out the window. After a month of chriropractic treatment, I am in almost constant pain and am anxiously awaiting the results of my MRI. My wish for 2009? Not so much much drama. I'll gladly sacrifice some of the highs to omit some of the lows.

We did have a great Christmas and New Years though! I've been off of work for the last two weeks and despite the many doctors appoints and time spent getting my car repaired, its been nice to have the extra free time. I have even slept in 2 mornings! All the way to 9:00am!! Christmas was very low key. We spent Christmas Eve with the in-laws in Siesta Key,FL eating a delicous Cuban feast of mojo pork, yellow rice and beans. Delish! This year we all decided to only buy for those living under our roof (with the exception of the grandparents who were allowed to buy for any child still living under their parent's roof). This made for a very strees free Christmas! Christmas day was spent at home with my brother's and my sister's families. That equaled to 5 little ones under the age of 5 running amuck fueled by Christmas joy.

Last night we spent New Year's Eve with friends. Friends who graciously took us out in their boat to watch the fireworks. Friends who unfortunately lost the markers and ended up running into a sandbar. Our captain was stressed out but I was quite content to snuggle my little ones all wrapped up in blankets. We let Sir and Ma'am stay up to ring in the New Year and for the first time in years, I gave my New Year kiss to someone other than Mister. Sir, with his runny little nose and cold lips, was the benefactor. Lucky man! ;-)

I'll post some pics once I find the camera. We went to the beach the other day and it's still stuck in one of beach bags. I'm sure its all nice and sandy by now!

Happy 2009 everyone! I wish that you all have the type of year that you are dreaming of be it full of adventure or nice and boring~ like I hope mine is!