Saturday, January 3, 2009

Love, Love, Love Books!

Last week my husband and I went to the library. In 10 minutes, I had to stop myself from choosing books as I already had 6 in my hands to check out. In 10 minutes, my husband selected one book (which he read 1 page of and decided it was boring - amateur!). I glibly remarked that these books would be enough to get me through the holidays and I find myself picking up the last one to start reading today. Talk about timing!

With loving books so much, people often give me gift cards to bookstores, which I adore receiving. While giftcards are often considered an impersonal gift, when I receive one from Borders, Books A Million, or Barnes and Noble; I know that the the gift giver knows and loves me. My problem with said wonder gift is that I can never make a choice! (I'm also oddly concerned about my reading habits and the environment. In one year alone, I could wipe out a small rain forest.) So with my inability to make a purchasing commitment and with wanting to not drive some rare spider monkey from its home; I rely on the good old fashioned library.

As a child, I remember getting my first library card. I was in the second grade and had just learned to write my 16 lettered first and last name small enough in cursive to fit on the library card signature line. The librarian was the cousin of one of my aunts so I felt like a bit of a celebrity when she made a big deal of my request for my first card. The library was just up the small hill from our church and on Sunday's when my parents where saying all of their goodbyes, I would scramble up the hill in my Sunday best to press my nose against the library windows. On particularly sunny days, I could see the dust motes floating in a ray of sunshine falling on the stacks and I would want nothing more than to be in that building, lying on the floor in the sunbeam amidst the many shelves of books.

My love of the library has only grown over time. I frequent not only my local branch but also the multi-level downtown branch as well. And now, I am able to share my love of books and the library with Ma'am. She recently asked me when she could get her own card and my response was, "Soon baby, soon. But first we need to work on your cursive." Thankfully her first and last name only has 8 letters in it!


Preppy 101 said...

That post is music to the ears of this retired English teacher! So wonderful that your daughter has inherited your love of books/reading! I happened to read an article yesterday in our local newspaper about the current increase in people using their libraries due to the economic crunch. Many people cannot afford to purchase books, so they are returning to their local libraries! I, too, remember my library card. Good memories :-)

Scarlet O'Kara said...

We love the library too! Kyla recently proved that she was old enough to get her own library card...and we visit our local branch atleast once a week!

Vanessa said...

I share your love... I just read unbroken! A must read!