Monday, November 24, 2008

Last trip to Disney

We are fortunate enough to live an hour from Disney World and have annual passes. And they do not go unused! The problem is that when we go, we do the SAME THING EVERY TIME! Two weeks ago, we had a plan to do those things that the kids have never done. Ma'am was amazed at the Swiss Family Robinson's tree house! "I didn't know Mickey had this!". And then when the line for Aladdin was only 5 minutes long opposed to the 40 minutes at Dumbo, she says "I didn't know Mickey had this!". Of course we had to do the Pirates ride but that's more for mommy. (Johnny Depp even in claymation form is HOT!). And the kids had to spend time in their favorite part of the park... Winnie the Pooh's playground! Its a regular old playground but they love it! Why I spend their college tuition to take them to play there rather than the park down the street from the house, I'll never know. I had to bribe Sir with candy to get him to go see Mickey and Minnie. Where he promptly marched up to Minnie and counted to 8 for her. I think I saw a glimmer of jealousy in Mickey's eye. Lil bit.


Jennifer said...

great photos, we have passes to you as you know, and I love going at this time of year when the weather is so gorgeous!

Nomers said...

I wished I lived that close to WDW! We usually take Diva to Disneyland 1x year for one day, but this year we are going for two days so we can enjoy the rides that we normally don't get a chance to experience.