Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finally! A deep breath

I have been such a lunatic for the last couple of weeks! Between the hysteria of the elections, work (had to give a presentation to our executive committee regarding our 2009 plan-no pressure, just grow 23.9% and then a 3 day long management meeting), Junior League (had to work my volunteer shifts for the Holiday Gift Market and then of course shop at said Gift Market) and the family; I am ready for a break! Here's to a nice two week slow down until Thanksgiving hits. And then Christmas. And New Years... Gasparilla... Ma'ams 5th birthday/valentines day... Yes, I'm very excited for the next two weeks cuz the next 3 months... I'm back to lunatic status!

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Scarlet O'Kara said...'re as busy as me. Enjoy the down time. We are planning on scaling back this year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do some volunteering with the kids, spending more time making memories instead of spending money on expensive gifts. Basically just getting back to the roots of what we have to be thankful for...