Friday, January 14, 2011

A Love Affair: Part One

April 1994 - 20 years old
I was in a slump. I was batting below 100. I had lost my mojo and could not get a date to save my life. My friend had recently started dating a marine from local Naval base which meant she was spending less time as my wing-woman and more time out on dates. While I was happy for her budding relationship, I was sinking lower into my slumpdom. So what's a girl to do but beg? I begged her, pleaded with her, threatened with blackmail for her to get her guy, George, to find me a date. I mean, come on! Its a base full of young eligible men! Surely there was someone who would fit the bill. (The bill being having a heart beat and being available). Her guy scoured the barracks and found someone who somewhat fit the bill, he had a heart beat but also had a girlfriend back at home; but more importantly, he had a truck! Which was necessary for any dating of any kind to happen that night.

George approaches the young marine saying, "Dude. I need a favor. I need you to go out with me tonight on a double date. (and I need you to drive) ".
Young marine responds, "Can't. I have duty tonight". (Notice, no mention of the girlfriend in his response.)
George, "Dude. Come one! If you don't go out with my girl's friend, she won't go out with me! And I really want to see her tonight!"
Young Marine, "Can't. I have duty tonight."

Now, you might think that the story ends here. And it would have. If George had given up so easily.

George, "Dude. Come on, get ready to go out."
Young Marine, "Dude. I have duty tonight!"
George, "Not anymore, dude." (George said dude ALOT!) "I paid some guy $50 to take your duty. Get dressed".

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Mary said...

I'm actually visiting from Blognonymous, but stayed to visit for a while!
I'm going to have to come back and see how this love affair continues!