Thursday, September 18, 2008

Lurked Long Enough!

I've finally decided that I have lurked long enough and am ready to enter the world of blogging! While I can't guarentee that my life is entertaining enough to capture an audience, it sure makes me smile. My sitcom life includes Ma'am (4 going on DIVA!), Sir (adorably stubburn) and Mister, the love of my life! Me? I'm your average every day mom. I work outside of the house, love reading, spa treatments, long walks on the beach (that's a lie... I don't hate long walks on the beach but certainly can't say I LOVE them) and oh yeah... lurking!
I hope to be a good blogger. Timely, funny, with lots of pics... all of the things I've loved about the blogs I've been lurking.
Now its on with the show!

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