Thursday, September 25, 2008

I. am. a. horrible. blogger.

I. am. a. horrible. blogger. There, I said it. One week ago today, I made my commitment to be timely and interesting and I have failed. Miserably!

However, I do have my excuses. Ready?
  1. It was Sir's 2nd birthday last Friday and I was too busy celebrating him and the fact that he has made it this long. As previously mentioned, he's adorable but stubborn. So much so that at times, I have questioned how much the world could really take of him before he was voted off the island. And by island, I mean Earth.

  2. A 2 year old's birthday is obviously a multiple day event. In addition to the train set he received for his birthday, we also went to a local train museum and rode a real train. That my friend, will really take it out of you... corralling 3 young un's under the age of 5 while riding on a train through a swamp in the FL heat!

  3. I'm lazy. Really lazy. While I have not updated MY blog, I have lurked YOURS! I even posted my first comment! I'm really on my way now! CHOO-CHOO!

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