Friday, September 26, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

Is it wrong for Mister to say he's going to get his gun polished up when Ma'am's suitors are only 4? The other night, Ma'am informs me that you don't marry your brothers, you only marry your friends. And... that Kevin (a kid at Pre-K) loves her and her friend Avery. How does she know that Kevin loves her? He covered her up with his blanket at nap time. That is obviously love of the highest caliber. While I am telling this story to the Pre-K Director (with Mister) standing there, she starts laughing and proceeds to tell us a story. One of the other boys at school was sitting at home with his family one night when his mother asked him if the lady on the television was pretty. He replied, "No, she's hot! And you know who else is hot? Ma'am!" At this point, Mister's breathing has deepened and the vein in his forehead is starting to visibly throb. We turn around here comes Kevin walking into the school, we walk by him just in time to hear him whisper, "Ma'am...Kevin" as he is pointing to their name tags on the wall. Needless to say, Mister had to be quickly escorted out of the school before he could inflict harm. Hence the question... Is it wrong for Mister to say he's going to get his gun polished?

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