Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Hubby My HERO!

Mister has been my hero for so many years and so many reasons. And trust me, you do not achieve JMO Hero Status easily so you know that he really must rate. Today, once again with a sigh of relief, I said to myself, "My hubby is my hero", so I thought I should start keeping a list (starting today) of his heroic ways.

1. Wednesday, 5/11: Sir comes to me saying that he has something growing in his ear and he's pretty sure it’s a tatoe. Upon inspection, I find that while he says he's pretty sure it’s a tatoe, I'm pretty sure that he knows its the hot pink bead he has placed in his ear. Being the Super Mommy that I am, I calmly tell him he needs to lie still while I extract said hot pink bead. I lie him down on the couch with his little head in my lap only to realize that the bead is in deeper than I thought it was and there was no way on God's green earth was I going to get anywhere near that thing! And the panic sets in. What do I do? Do I rush him to the doctor? No, that won't work! What if the pediatrician doesn't know the intricacies of de-beading a 4 year old ear? Take him to the hospital! Yes, that's the answer! Surely they are equipped to remove this item that I am now sure will cause lifelong hearing problems for a boy that already has such selective hearing. But I can't drive him! What if I hit a pot hole and in the bumpity bump bump of the ride, the bead lodges itself further into the ear canal? (At this point, I'm positive that the bead has joined forces with the tatoes that actually do live in his ear and have created a waxy plan to travel down the canal and then work its way up into his brain.) I'll call 911. The paramedics can come, evaluate the situation and decide if he is stable enough to be transported via ambulance or if he needs to be life flighted to Tampa General. The life flight option is sounding really good to me as it should be much smoother ride than the streets of Tampa.

Just as I am about to call 911, Mister calmly hangs up from the call he is on, fills a syringe with water and flushes out the bead. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. That's it. It’s over. No 911, no hospital, no life flight. A little water and a hero. That's all the boy and I needed to have our day saved.

My Hubby Is My HERO.

(today's post is dedicated to Susan Ortiz and of course, My Hero!)

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Mary said...

Isn't it great to have a hubby who knows what to do (and can do it calmly!) in all sorts of emergencies?